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Dental implants have revolutionized dentistry and given patients choices that were not previously available. Today more and more patients are choosing dental implants over a bridge option or removable partials and dentures. The success rate of an implant is well over 90% if done properly on a patient with acceptable physical health. It is one of the most successful surgical procedures in all of dentistry and medicine.

Patients understand the value of implants because it improves their quality of life and give them better esthetics. Implants are utilized not only to replace missing teeth, but also stabilize loose partials and dentures. Tooth loss causes shifting of neighboring teeth and also contributes to bone resorption. Implant placement will stop the bone loss and preserve the jawbone. Patients that have partials and dentures are constantly losing this supporting bone. These patients often need to reline their denture, to keep up with the bone loss.

Dental implants, compared to a bridge option, can be a more cost efficient way of restoring a missing tooth. Average patients replace their existing bridge at least two or three times in their lifetime, most often due to recurrent decay. While with a bridge option, perfectly healthy teeth need to be filed down to make space for a bridge. With dental implants, patients can simply replace a tooth with no damage to neighboring teeth. Patients can floss much easier and maintain better periodontal health. Best of all, patients don’t have to worry about any decal with implants.

In today’s dentistry implant surgeries are relatively atraumatic procedures. Most patients simply take Ibuprofen or Tylenol for a day or two. If you have been thinking about dental implants, do not procrastinate because time is not on your side. Every passing year patients lose more bone in the edentulous area. When a patient is finally ready, there may not be enough bone for implant placement. In such cases additional surgery may be required to restore the jawbone prior to implant placement. Implants are a lifelong investment; choose your clinician and the dental practice wisely. Make sure it is done properly by a qualified dentist and in an office that stands behind their work. If you have any questions about dental implants or dentistry in general, please do not hesitate to contact our La Quinta office. Our board certified periodontist/implant surgeon and I will personally answer any questions that you may have.

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