Periodontology is a specialty of dentistry that studies the gums and tissues that surround and support the teeth. Dr. Simonian is an assistant clinical professor at USC School of Dentistry and a diplomat of American Board of Periodontology. He is an accomplished Periodontist, a published author and researcher who specializes in the following periodontal services:

  • Implant surgery

  • Sinus lifts

  • Tissue grafts

  • Osseous surgery

  • Bone grafts

Periodontal disease is a persistent infection of the gums and tissue surrounding the teeth and is the #1 leading cause of early tooth loss in adults. American Academy of Periodontology has recorded that 75% of adults are suffering from some form of gum disease. It is known as a silent disease because it doesn’t cause any pain in the early stages and most people don’t notice until it is too late.

When it comes to your oral health it is important to have complete trust in your doctor’s skills, expertise, and care. Dr. Simonian is well-trained and knowledgeable in periodontics and your oral health is his number one priority.

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